100+ Dream Body Affirmations to get you in Perfect Shape

dream body affirmations
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Is there an ideal body in your head that you’ve always wanted? These dream body affirmations will prove to be really beneficial in achieving that ideal body.

Affirmations that are positive provide much more than inspiration.

Each time you say a positive affirmation, a new neural connection is formed in your brain, and with enough repetition, these neural connections get stronger.

Always keep in mind that obtaining everything in life is more of a mental than a physical game.

The action portion is as easy as taking a walk in the park after your mind has been trained to receive something.

So, if you desire a beautiful body, the first step should be to train or rewire your mind for it, which these powerful dream body affirmations can help you achieve.

To observe effects, repeat these affirmations twice everyday for at least 21 days.

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List of Positive Dream Body Affirmations

  1. I adore my body and accept and embrace it for what it is.
  2. I am thankful for my lovely physique.
  3. My physique is improving every day.
  4. My physique is in excellent condition.
  5. My physique is toned to perfection.
  6. My physique is now in the form I’ve always wanted.
  7. I am thankful for my amazingly gorgeous figure, which keeps me trim and toned without any effort on my side.
  8. I receive praises on my great figure on a regular basis.
  9. Everyone comments on how amazing my physique is.
  10. I maintain my optimal weight at all times.
  11. I drop all of my excess weight quickly and easily.
  12. I have a slim physique.
  13. My physique is in good shape.
  14. I am quite self-assured in my appearance.
  15. I make eating well a priority in my life.
  16. I am conscious of my eating choices.
  17. I savor my meals slowly and quietly.
  18. My body has a natural desire for the healthiest meals.
  19. I’m getting enough water.
  20. I like eating a healthy, green diet on a daily basis.
  21. I eat modest quantities of my meals.
  22. My food is always energetic and vibrates at a high level.
  23. I treat my body with reverence.
  24. My body is holy, as if it were a temple.
  25. My body is deserving of endless love.
  26. I have a lot of good energy in my body.
  27. My body’s cells are twirling with health and vigor.
  28. Every organ and system in my body is functioning properly.
  29. The Best Body Affirmations in Your Dreams:
  30. My body is always youthful.

dream body affirmations

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Dream Body Manifestation Affirmations

  1. My physique is always gorgeous and healthy.
  2. My hormones are in a good place.
  3. My skin is clear, smooth, and glowing.
  4. I’m in love with my body.
  5. My body is well-fed at all times.
  6. My legs are toned, slender, and lengthy.
  7. My body has the ideal contours that I want.
  8. I am lovely just the way I am.
  9. I like getting my body moving.
  10. I make it a point to exercise every day.
  11. Every day, I look forward to my workouts.
  12. I like the sensation of remaining active.
  13. My body enjoys being active.
  14. I like working up a sweat every day.
  15. Exercising on a regular basis is beneficial to both my mental and physical wellbeing.
  16. I try to be pleasant and optimistic every day.
  17. I am happy and contented.
  18. My life is amazing.
  19. My self-assurance makes me incredibly attractive.
  20. I have a wonderful personality that complements my attractiveness nicely.
  21. I am lovely and beautiful.
  22. I am a gifted orator.
  23. I have the ideal balance of a hot physique and a keen intellect.
  24. I’m a freaking genius.
  25. I am confident in my own ability.
  26. I am a gifted individual.
  27. Every day, I am grateful for the blessing of a finely toned physique.
  28. I adore and respect myself.
  29. My body, heart, and soul are at ease with me.
  30. I’m becoming healthier and stronger every day.
  31. I’m learning to appreciate my physique.
  32. I can be myself without fear of being judged.
  33. Today, I’m concentrating on the positive aspects of my life.
  34. I’m learning to trust my body more and more.
  35. Healing is taking place in both my body and psyche.
  36. I’ve decided to breathe in tranquility and exhale tension.
  37. My health is improving, and my life is improving as well.
  38. The healing white light surrounds and protects me.
  39. Everything I consume feeds and cures me.

Positive Affirmations for Dream Body

  1. Making little adjustments is getting simpler for me.
  2. With each small step I take, I am healing.
  3. I’m going for growth rather than perfection.
  4. My intuition is my guide. I’m aware of what I should eat and how I should conduct my life.
  5. I naturally gravitate toward like-minded, upbeat folks.
  6. It is beneficial to me to let go of the past. It’s okay for me to let go now.
  7. I’m getting the impression that things are starting to shift.
  8. I’m in good shape, focused, and driven.
  9. In my life, a lot of fresh and exciting opportunities are opening up.
  10. I have the ability to repair my body. My body is repairing itself. My body is repairing itself.
  11. I’m confident in my abilities. This is something I’m doing. Right now, healing is taking place.
  12. A greater power directs my actions.
  13. I am a strong and dynamic person.
  14. I see the best in everyone, and everyone sees the best in me.
  15. I have faith in my capacity to love myself completely for who I am.
  16. I accept my body type and recognize the beauty it has.
  17. I am the architect of my future and the mastermind behind my thoughts.
  18. I was able to let go of detrimental eating habits.
  19. I give myself permission to make judgments and choices that are in my best interests.
  20. I let go of whatever shame I had about my eating habits.
  21. I accept my body for the unique form it has been given to me.
  22. I let go of connections that no longer serve my best interests.
  23. I believe in myself and recognize my worth.
  24. I allow myself to enjoy being myself.
  25. I accept myself just as I am.
  26. I imbue my heart with the attributes of love.
  27. I am optimistic and confident about the future.
  28. I am thankful for my body and all it can accomplish for me.
  29. I exercise frequently and in a healthy manner.
  30. My body receives all of the nutrition it needs.
  31. My appetite for fatty meals is waning.
  32. I have a great desire to consume only things that are healthy and nutritious.
  33. I’m pleased with myself.
  34. I’ve reached and maintained my ideal weight.
  35. I am physically fit and healthy.
  36. I am calm and peaceful.
  37. The Universe has given me my Mind, Body, and Soul as gifts.
  38. My body is my temple, which I cherish and care for every day of my life.
  39. I have a lovely body that I take care of •
  40. I have faith in my ability to provide my body with exactly what it require

Final Thoughts:

Consider how effective communication can help us develop and maintain healthy relationships with our partners, friends, and family. Similarly, good communication with ourselves can alter how we view and treat our bodies, and how our bodies treat us in return. Dream Body Affirmations will help you create a relationship with your body. When you have a good relationship with your body, you will naturally do things that support creating the body you desire–letting go of destructive habits and instead intuitively doing things (e.g. eating nourishing foods, exercising, meditating, etc.) to create a well-functioning body.

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